Hello and Welcome Everyone!

Let’s start off with a brief introduction, I am Millie and I absolutely love korean dramas
there is a story as to how I stumbled across them but I will leave that for the about page.
Korean dramas are not the only type of dramas I have watched, Japanese and Taiwanese
dramas have made it onto my list as well. My like order is: Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese.

So, I have made it my mission to watch as many dramas that interest me as possible
while sometimes I have found some real gems, I have also found some duds along the
way and a few of them have been extra dreadful to get through but that doesn’t stop me
from going for the next one. There is a long watch list waiting for me but it seems to end
piled up anyway because there are always new dramas coming out and if I can’t resist
then I watch several dramas at the same time but I must say I kind of have a method to
my madness.

Currently Watching:

Recently Finished:

Wangan Midnight The Movie

That is all for this one folks, until the next post.
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